Phaya Naak or Viking Cave Tour

Phaya Naak or Viking Cave

Just to the north of Pi Leh Bay is the Viking Cave where swifts make their nests. There are some paintings on the walls of boats resembling Viking ships that are supposed to be ancient however they're more likely to be just a couple of hundred years old… if that. However, the Viking tag has stuck.

The nests are made by the birds from their saliva and harvested from February to April by locals who use rickety bamboo scaffolding to get up to them once the birds have finished nesting. The nests sell for many thousands of Euros per kilo and are used for the Chinese delicacy bird’s nest soup.

Cruise from the beach on your private long tail boat past the iconic Pod, Tip and Chicken Islands to the stunning vista of Phi Phi on the horizon. Call in at the picture postcard that is Ao Nooie Cove; white pristine sand framed with palm trees and on to Monkey Beach for a photo with a difference.

Continue past the impressive cliffs of Phi Phi Don to the jagged peaks of Phi Phi Lay and the wonder that is Viking Cave. Ao Pileh with its narrow entrance blossoming into a beautiful lagoon is the perfect place to swim or just take-in the stunning beauty before visiting Loh Samah for the snorkelling experience of a lifetime.

A visit to Maya-Bay of ‘The Beach’ fame concludes the Phi Phi adventure before cruising back across the Andaman Sea. A trip of a lifetime, the beauty and wonder of these beautiful islands is never to be forgotten.

This trip usually takes a full-day; leaving from Krabi at 7am and returning to Krabi around 5pm.