Hong Island & Lagoon Tour

Hong Island & Lagoon

Koh Hong is an amazing tropical island that has only one beach - Pelay Beach - but it is recognized for being extremely unspoilt, offering fine white sand, coral and lots of varieties of tropical fish.

A private leisurely tour of the Hong Archipeligo with your own knowledgeable local guide. Explore the stunningly beautiful islands; Pakbia; Paradise and Hong Lagoon; where you can choose to swim, snorkel or Kayak, all at your own pace. There is plenty of amazing ‘picture perfect’ spots which should not be missed as we travel back from the Hong Archipeligo to Krabi.

There are two-options for a trip to Hong Island; a private trip or a joined-group trip. The private boat usually departs from Krabi around 8am and should return to Krabi around 2pm.The joined-group trip usually departs around 9am and returns around 3pm.